Monthly Archives: December 2012

{Just a day at the Air Force Museum…}

Megan wanted pics of she a Bodie in his Air Force Blues…I had been to a Nichole V class and she told us about the Heber Museum…Genius and perfect!!!  It was a brisk and windy day, but it was fun.  The men at the museum are so helpful and kind.  Here are some of the...

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{Love My Peeps…}

Oh how I love these people….cutest kids in the world!  Dad is so helpful on a lot of levels to us, mom brings me diet cokes during the day, and they are fantastic parents.  Thanks for being in our lives. xoxo

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{Mr. G. & Miss L. came to town…}

Look who came to town for Thanksgiving?!  Miss L is full of energy and adorable.  Mr. G is Mr. J Crew….had fun seeing them for a moment.  Can hardly wait for them to come back to UTAH!  Keeping our fingers crossed! xoxo Grandma Peg

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